Going here was quite a stressful time for me. My accommodation plans had to change, and so I was not sure where I would sleep through some nights; I did know little about Kiruna and were going there just by myself and my thoughts of how many things are left to be done. But just after the plane took off, I told to myself something that changed whole trip into really great adventure :).

So what did I thought? Well, that shouldn’t be any surprise for many of you, especially as some already advised me that. For me is something I really try to implement in my life. What I told to myself was: “Hej! You should not be so worried about a future! You won’t change anything with your thinking and whatever happens, you will be alright, especially because Somebody is keeping his eye on you. So have your head up and live the moment :).”  And so I did, and from that moment my trip is just perfect!*

So first of all, there was the French guy (G.) who I met through couchsurfing waiting for me at the airport. There I also met his co-worker (S.), a girl from Belgium. They both are helping the Sami man (Sami are the people living up in Lapland) in organizing house and trips for guests. The house we get was not in the area I expected it to be – no forest around, but quite messy industrial area ;). House itself was quite strange – around you could find a lot of garbage and an igloo made on a metal frame. Inside there were some stuffed birds and a reindeer bone with some meet left in the fridge. But the most important was that we had a nice talk with a tea and a bed to sleep on :D. Next day the beautiful sun woke us up. Luckilym, G. and S. had the day free, so we went with a car on a road outside Kiruna to look for some mooses. We also had walk through a great, frozen lake (or part of a river actually). It was just a great emptiness, impressing though. In the afternoon we started searching for a place to watch a sunset, but we failed – thanks to what, we had really cool drive through other parts of Kiruna surroundings! (I have a lot of video from the road, I will share them later :)). Then we had around 30-minutes walk around the church, small park with some snow &ice sculptures and playground and centrum. It was not big :D. Then we went for a Fika to a café- what is good in that city, is that you don’t have a problem with making a choice where to go for fika here :P. Around 6 pm we went out, I looked up the sky and… WOW!

So the aurora madness begun… 😉 It was big and straight above me. We would stay longer, but I had to head to the hostel, and G. and S. needed to get back to their place. There, after just a short talk with a women owning the house, she told me that I seem to be nice, so if I don’t have any other place to stay during later days, she has one room in the private part of the house. Yay :). Then it turned out that in the hostel there are some students from Zurich, who also came for a Arctic Science course. After a few minutes more, they went for aurora watching, so I joined them. We walked a little outside the city, to get rid of the light pollution. Green northern lights were just appearing and disappearing continuously at the whole sky… Ach… 🙂

After some time we went to a Thai restaurant, eat good dinner and… went one more time outside the city at 9 pm. And stayed outside till 11 pm…

It was amazing. It was so amazing, that writing enthusiastically about aurora I saw earlier was a hard task for me while creating the post. It was green with little bit pinkish layer and waved beautifully above us.

Usually, the photos of Aurora are better than you see them with your eyes. But what we saw today, that was unrecordable** and no photo nor video could save the view.

To end up with: well… during the day there were many of moments that I could have complain about. An over-enthusiastic companion, choosing the wrong direction, mattress, surrounding, blah blah blah. I could have made this day a terrible one. But it all comes to your thinking and today I preferred to stay positive. This attitude, connected with wonderful views that nature provides us, is what makes me feel very lucky :).

Have a good night! 🙂

Ps I am sorry for any mistakes I did! 🙂

Ps2 I will provide Polish version and photos later 🙂

* ha, it can sound quite banal, I know! – but all of that is a true actually and something I really had to unblock in my mind 😉

**at least with devices we had 😉